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Опубликовано: 9 июл 2021
NCT DREAM's 1st Album Repackage "Hello Future" is out!
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  • 2:40 5:00 6:10 7:20 7:30 8:10

  • my man chenle is so fine

  • does anyone know which content that jisung mentioned was? sorry i'm a babyzen :(

    • @Mellinda Yunieta aaawww thankyouuu

    • I think its the one when they filming and share the story about past future and present, there are three parts of it just scroll it on their acc tho

  • Kangen🥺

  • 4:44 7:29 😁

  • Ditonton berkali-kali gapernah bosen, ngakak terus kalo liat ini😂

  • Haechan always makes others members laugh 🥺 love him sm 💓💘💕💞

  • Chele knows everything 😎🖤

  • Mark eat hamburger or Yooa omg . 🤗

  • 4:44 중도하차합니다

  • I am soo Na Jaemin in this video....omg

  • 이 비하인드 넘 조아 ㅎㅎ 너무 재밌고 애들 케미ㅠㅅㅠ

  • 9:59 런쥔이 음이탈 ㅋㅋ

  • This is the funniest behind the scene cam that nct ever made😂😂

  • the thumbnail,,, cries

  • 6:25 yes you are🥺

  • T89111

  • Best part : czennie's comments Çinçaaaa çoaaaa so muchhhhhhhh💖💕💖

  • Nonton ini diulang² ttp aja ngakakkk, salah sekali malunya seumur hidup

  • The title should be renamed as "Mark laughing for 10 mins 45 secs straight"

  • aaaaaaaa lucu banget demi apa dahhh 😣😣😣🧎

  • Nct is best group in kpop 🤘💔

  • 4:44해찬이 런며들었넹 7:29귀엽다~

  • i really like how renjun rarely ever tried to put himself as the center of attention but somehow always ended up at it. what i love the most though is how he seems completely at ease even when he’s the center of a whole room’s conversation and handle it with wit. is he an extrovert? he’s exactly the kind of person i wish to be sobs although if i have a friend like him irl id be jealous as hell at how easily he earns people’s affection and attention lol

    • he once talked about how he felt frustrated when he was younger because he couldn't seem to speak louder and more confidently like other people and he actually forced himself to become who he is now so yeah I don't think he is an extrovert, he is just a hardworking person who always strive to be better. I believe you can be like him too if you put efforts :)

  • 6:13 lele's laugh is everything ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Seru banget sumpah ngumpul nya mereka

  • Ganteng semuaaaa, heran

  • you know you have to be smart to make people laugh. thats why haechan is the smartest boy ever periodt

  • 1:07 Song name?

  • Renjun it so hansome 🥺

  • Renjun best boy

  • Loves🌈💚💚💚💚💚💚🌈

  • 당연히 미녀하면 야수고 ~ 이 노래 제목이 뭔가요 ?!

    • 주인공이에요!

  • jisung calling haechan ace :(( i love them

  • 4:44

  • Itu batik bukan sih yg dipake chenle sama haechan

  • 7:34 salfokk sma icung:'))

  • Renjun and haechan is so cute😄😄😄

  • when chenle laughs Haechan laughs too 😂

  • مستعده اسمع سوالف رينجون للابد

  • اقنعوني انه مو انا الوحيده الي احب نبره رينجون بالكلام

  • Watching this video Every day This video make my day

  • Haechan a.k.a peter always makes me laugh 😂

  • 0:52 why is no one talking about *haechan* praying T T this guy is so precious...

  • 6:00 masih ngakak denger ini😭


  • im here

  • Love

  • yg ktwa nya renyah bgt siapa njir 😔

  • Haechan ceritanya lucu, lokal banget

  • Who's renhyuk shipper? Be a nice to me :(((

  • Heachan our pinky is the same🤩🤩

  • My renhyuck heart is crying 😭

  • 10:01

  • i cant stop smiling and laughing. thank you dreamies :(

  • Solimi😂

  • 킹받네

  • 🐻: 나아? 7:30

  • everytime...everywhere...when lee haechan talks...all eyes are on him. The power he holds ❤️❤️



  • 7:30 don’t mind me 👁👄👁 I just want to have a time stamp for when I come back for haechan’s aegyo

  • Cape bgt ketawa😭

  • 💚💚💚

  • 7:30 이동혁 보려고 몇번을 오는거지

  • 1:32초부터 지성이가 보는 콘텐츠 어떤 영상일까??

  • Quisiera ser renjun 😊💚

  • 6:34 시스루 런쥔 위험해요

  • They never let renjun live in peace sksksk

  • Just Lee Jeno looking extremely expensive I can’t-

  • Haechan:na kiyowookk

  • pov: you're watching this again bcs of renhyuck 🤭😂

  • dear god please give me a boyfriend who looks at me like how renjun looks at mark at 10:20 🙏

  • 7:32 gaiseu cb kelen perhatiin lg deh di menit itu mork pas liat aegyo echan kek ngmg 'oh shit' apa cuma perasaan gua doang

  • 7:31 echan kumat centilnya bitiway MH 😍




  • Mark! We're still live people, we're still live... ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Alternatif title : renjun yang terbully

  • halo

  • Ahh you are all so funny

  • if sunshine is a person, it would be Haechan :D

  • guys u should know how many times I repeated the part where they teasing renjun’s cracked voice, I fell and I burst out laughing bcs of that lmao haechan ft. dreamies u guys don’t leave renjun alone huh 🤣

  • Jdi sbnrnya haechan suka'y sama daegal apa renjun🤔😂😅😅😅

  • 해찬이 런쥔 안아주고 싶을때 너무 귀엽다😋

  • My Dreamies...

  • 0:53

  • 5:20 Chenle do know him well. Can relate chan, as ENFP and Gemini, I do too. 🤗

  • haechan when mark called him cute KDHSKJDE

  • Guyss nyadar ga sihh,,, idol lain di dream concert mereka cuma ditempatin di hall aula dan cuma skat² an doang, sedangkan anak dream dikasih ruangan sendiri.. 😆 bisa dilihat disini emang dream jd idol yg paling ditunggu 😙🤌

    • @jmprobe june mungkin di bedaiin berdasarkan sunbae hoobae, kemaren aku liat di vlognya itzy, mereka ditempatin di skat² gitu, aespa juga..

    • Wahh gk tau, gk ngikutin yg lain soalnya. Tapi kok kesannya jd beda bgt gitu yah?

  • Not Haechan making fun of Renjun’s voice crack again 😂😂

  • 7:25 Note 2 self, don't call Haechan cute or he'll act cute 4 u........... CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  • They're addict to renjun insta :)))


  • 💚💚💚

  • 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • renhyuk pls let married :)))

  • in this video i just heard mark's laugh hahahaha