This is about our ‘Future’ | PAST, PRESENT, HELLO FUTURE #3

Опубликовано: 10 июл 2021
NCT DREAM's 1st Album Repackage "Hello Future" is out!
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  • Thank you nct dream for good memories 💖

  • Sangat beruntung ygbisa memiliki jaemin ☺️

  • Hey I'm back and still emo

  • I can't handle this reality.. After Taehyung,, shows about her charming to be a Family man, husband material, AND THEN NOW Jaemin too.. Dang.. I'm done soooo sooo done, girl's

  • I'm going to start praying right now that Jaemin gets a really sweet girl that will cherish and love him as much as he deserves...It really melted my heart to hearing him talking about his future family!

  • 20:38 ok I'm seriously crying, someone give me a hug please ⊂(・﹏・⊂)

  • 20:38 omg I'm crying 😭

  • 너네가 이영상을 다시 돌아볼 미래까지 내가 너네랑 함께였음 좋겠다 사랑해💚

  • this is my first time watching it - a day after dreamies' 5th anniv. that was my plan, though, to not watch it on its release lmao. but seriously, it's a very lovely to see them wanting to grow old together because as what they have said, they're eternal friends. i just love seeing them. keep them 7 forever. belated happy 5th anniversary, nct dream! let's continue walking down to this path and conquering all the dreams we have. in the next 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years, if you're here, i'll be here, too. 💚

  • I'm here for their 5th anniversary and will always be here until their 50th anniversary!! Yo Dream!!

  • Happy 5th anniversary DREAMIES(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  • Jeno i hope you know a lot of people love you and will support you always..

  • Imagine if they will have a concert in 2066 that means they are already old just think how old jaemin was his already 66 at that time so think about how old will be his hyung members Ringht.

  • 😭7💚

  • HC, describing the genre of Dream's time together: ...comedy, action, & friendship. Me: what you're saying is you're living in a buddy cop movie. 👮‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️ 😄 So the staff just went into HC's room and raided his drawer to bring his abs for Jeno?? *RUDE.* 🤨😒

  • i love when haechan starts using his cute voice :((

  • Loves 🌈💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🌈

  • Jeno : Jisung, when you get older, please don’t get hurt Me : 🥺😢😭🤧

  • jaemin :)

  • Jaemin is a family oriented person. Cant wait to see in future the news of him getting married and having his own family. Lets grow older and achieved our happiness together

  • Dear Jaemin's future wife... Please give him the love he deserves. please don't hurt him and please take care of him♥️ Our precious boy deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve him... NCTzens we must protect him at all costs 💚

  • 7dream eternal friends they said it themselves TT

  • i want to come back to this video when mark is a successful singer songwriter, i just know that with his talent, hard work, mindset and of course beautiful heart he can get to wherever he wants to

  • i love how renjun, jaemin and jisung appreciate the smaller and simpler things in life, like rather than chasing a goal they are chasing a feeling and in the future no matter what happens they just want to be happy. i relate so much 🥺

  • no matter if i am still an nctzen in 10yrs or not i will always love nct and look back on this time of my life growing with them with such fondness. im always grateful for the happiness they bring me and in the far future too i will still always be grateful

  • jaemin is so sweet and kindhearted it shows in everything he says and does. he truly values the people in his life and his selflessness is such an admirable quality. he really makes me hope that i can be more like this too:)

  • renjun has such a pure soul 🥺 i agree with him so much, in the future i just want to be relaxed and happy what more could you ask for

  • 0:49 루키즈 동혁이가 왔나?

  • Mau nangisss.. Sayang banget sama 7 Dream...

  • stan 7dream for better life!!

  • true fact : girls doesn't need a boyfriend, we need nct dream forlife

  • i thought that all men will got insecurities after watching jaemin part

  • for those whoever ends up being their family, youre the luckiest seriously!

  • 18:21

  • 21:23 ngebayangin nanti di tahun 2066 mereka liat konten ini

  • Why is jaemin called daeman??

  • when 7dream do their concert in 2066 I hope im still here to watch n support them too like right now

  • See u on 2066!!!

  • I love you 7dream.

  • Wishing that Dream (+all groups) reach the success they want. I hope fans will also be proud of their idols and have good memories of the path they’ve walked on :)

  • Ngl this made me slightly emotional:,) no clue where we’ll all be in 10 years but I hope I can look at the past and be proud. I hope my memories of kpop as a whole are good ones 💚



  • 💚

  • 재민이 같은 남편은 어디에 찾아요?~~~~

  • Beautiful

  • 12:35

  • I really wish that they are all able accomplish all their future dreams and goals 🥺

  • Looking forward to renhyuck in their 60s 😭😭😭

  • After watching this video, I also thought about the future me. And I am glad that in 10 years time, we will still be together dreamies, and dreamzens also. 💗 Let's be at peace and be happy together. Let's continue dreaming, because dreamers can dream. Fighting! ♥️

  • Dear Lee Haechan,,im very sure that you'll achieve every single one of your dream that you've imagine in the future, and you'll get to spend your time with the dreamies and in the concert with the fans for 50th anniv...for what you'll remembered by the people in future,im going to ensured you that you'll be remembered as a legend,a vocal legend that makes people always in awe whenever they heard your voice and you've become an inspiration to us☺️ ily so much lovely boy!

  • The way Jaemin talks about his future family makes me love him more Let's support him through every decision he takes that leads him to his dream, and if it's about him dating a girl, let's support him no matter what (we, as his fans, must get over our personal filings, because he is a person that has his own feelings, just like us) NCTzens, let's love our DREAMIES forever ❤❤

  • 20:38 i´m so soft T.T

  • i want to cry

  • Okey so i will add my goal right now. Go to concert at 69 years old

  • Cryyy

  • I'm crying

  • Renjun & Jemin’s words makes me teary…

  • I wish to stay with NCT as long as they last and even longer , to not ever forget how much happiness they’ve brung into my life and how they made me smile when I thought I could never again. I’ve felt closer than ever with these last 2 eras with Dream and I already feel like even tho we might have these crushes in them we’re like family , some of us are growing with Dream and not even noticing it due to the fact half the fandom is in their early 20’s or teenager years, we’re watching them grow as well as us with them and potentially give them as equal love and respect for what they do

  • i love you jeno

  • love you allll❤️

  • dear mark lee, i believe you'll be a GREAT singer-songwriter 💚💚💚

  • emang kedengarannya aneh, tapi bagi gua ngga juga. jujur, gua punya mimpi yg sama kaya renjun. gua cuma pengen bisa santai dan menikmati hijaunya daun dan hirup wangi kayu. tapi di saat yg sama, gua merasa itu tuh hal yg sulit padahal cuma mimpi yg sederhana. ya...gua berharap suatu saat gua dan renjun nanti, bisa ngerasain hari itu at least once 🥺 semangat ya dreamis gapai mimpi kalian di masa depan nanti, semangat juga nctzen 🥺💚

  • oh to be jaemin’s future girl 🥺💗 i’m so proud already.

  • bertahan kayak super junior aja gue udah seneng bgt sumpah apalagi klo 50th anniv and i wish i can be nctzen forever💚

  • Mark: even when we become old men, we will still be a group i wish like that too

  • Apapun impian ny dimasa depan (2066) gw berharap Shijeuni dan NCT sukses dijalan ny masing" dan semoga kita bisa terus bareng di masa depan (2066) To : 2066 From : 2021

  • Gua pengen nangis malah, sayang mereka banyak banyak. Siapapun jodoh nana, tolong jangan sedikit pun sakitin dia yaaa! See you in 2066 czennies!!!! /So much green love

  • This is really heart touching, and i'm almost tears. Thank you so much dreamies!! I hope to always see you now and later! cause we are almost same age, maybe i'll bring my child and grandchild (in the future) and celebrate NCT DREAM 50th anniversary together. AAAAHHH ಥ‿ಥ

  • Haechan playing guitar?!!!

  • ninggalin jejak. loveu nct dream forever. see u "hello future"💖🌈

  • What a beautiful series 🥺Ending it with "Life is still going on" makes it even more poetic 💚

  • Jaemin's future wife was so lucky.

  • what if Jaemin already has a girlfriend 🥲 thats why he doesn’t hesitate to talk about future 👁👄👁

  • It’s so sad there are barely any men like Jaemin out there nowadays 🥲 I guess I’ll die alone

  • jaemin future wife is so lucky

  • we love you so much

  • NCT DREAM became my happy pill... We can not deny that their Contents are a lot of fun and games.. But at the same time.. they have this kind of Contents that helps us fans to know more about them💚💚💚💚 Wahh... Their mindset 🤯🤯 Congrats for the success you have ... Well deserved 👏👏💙💙

  • Mark, definitely you'll be a great singer-song writer 💚💚💚💚

  • Can we all appreciate this pure friendship between them 💚💚💚 I wishh all the success will come in your wayy... 💚💚💚

  • Just look how Jaemin tell about his dream... His future self . He is indeed will gonna be a Good husband for his future family... And We can probably tell that he is doing a great Job being a great son💚💚💚

  • My friend ask me why of all NCT DREAM my ultimate bias is Renjun? 🤔🤔(Though I love them all) Not just by Renjun's visuals or talents but because of his personality... How he takes care if his members... How he see thinks differently.. how his mind workss 💚💚💚 That stilt amazes me... I can see a part of myself in him.. Woah he is really a sensible person 💚💚💚💚

  • When Haechan said: "I do fell worried that I won't become who I'd like to be" That hit me hard: I always thinks about that.... What if things don't work for me??... What if the dream I'm dreaming of is not actually for me?? I'm in my early 20s but I'm still anxious.. But looking back.. i can sat that atleast i did my best.. and I'm still trying my best... Haechan, I'm soo proud of you and the rest of NCT DREAM.. Protect this man at all cost and the whole NCT DREAM 💚💚💚

  • To Jaemins future wife: just so u know all nctzens r jealous of you

  • You don't always see celebrities who express themselves so well without hesitation. they are also so sincere with their bond and with what they do. you'll never hear them say of a "certain goal" but instead they just want to keep doing what they've been doing in the future, TOGETHER. They just wanna keep making "memories." It makes me thankful that I met such warm and good influencers. I'll always be a proud fan. Thank you NCT Dream! We love you!

  • I will come back here in 2066...

    • Me too!!

    • thank you, 7dream.. for making my pandemic years colorful and memorable.. you have a special place in my heart, always..

  • Hope nct dream collab with Reece bibby 💚

  • jaemin here makes me fall in love with him 10x more :

  • begini aja w terenyuhh..

  • 2066 ak umur 60 donk

  • looking forward to see jaemin's future child in The Return of Superman☺️

  • HOPEFULLY,, your dreams come true!! And live a happy life forever . . . Your happiness is important than anythings on this earth . . . The real czennies will always here to support everything you guys [will] do. 고마워요 7dreamies,, 사랑해~ [Dear,, 7dreamies future wife] You're so lucky and thank you so much for take care our 7dreamies in "real life". Don't forget also give [some] love for us (czennies),, yes!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Haechan at 11:37 💙💙💙

  • No matter how many times I watch this the ending just makes me teary....Knowing what Dreamies and we us fans went through to see our 7 Dream again. And being able to talk about future as 7 Dream... it's pure happiness :)

  • I know I’ll still be there, in that 50 years, with Dream, with NCT ♾ ❤️❤️❤️

  • I hope that in 10 years or 30 years we will always be together. Thanks to you, my life is colorful.Honestly, only your idol group NCT DREAM matches the genre with young people (teenagers) because you are not much different from my age. So I think the genre of all your songs really suits me nor any other nctzen in this world. For some reason, when this content was released, I burst into tears when I heard their wishes for the future. Even though I'm glad to hear that and I hope that you will shine brightly no matter what. Even though you're in bad shape with bad news, I'm sure you'll get through all of this. You just need to remember NCTZEN will always support you no matter what if you are sad remember NCTZEN is ready to cheer you up anytime I hope you guys can enjoy life without any disturbances if there are any disturbances just pretend it's just a passing breeze okay. 👆🏻👇🏻(I translate in Korean if you don't understand) 혹시 어떤 소동이 있어도 그냥 지나가는 바람인 척 하면 아무 소란 없이 살 수 있기를 바랍니다.

  • Gue bakal sama kalian terus sampe 50th nanti

  • Renjunaaa ~ it's not weird. We have same dream for the future, live in the forest or village, enjoy the view, eating and drinking something you like ~ I wish u all the best for u guys ♡

  • I envied Jaemin in so many ways. That feeling when he talks about his future family. And knowing the fact that he's always so good towards his parents. I wish I was him :'> His family was truly lucky to have him.

  • I hope fhey can look back at this moment and say they did accomplish their dream.