[Un Cut] Take #6|‘맛 (Hot Sauce)’ Dance Practice

Опубликовано: 15 июн 2021
NCT DREAM's 1st album "Hot Sauce" is out!
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  • My fav Echan bareface

  • I didnt hear a single word from jaemin. Again...

  • 4:07 look at jaemin mom and jisung

  • Jisung you doing great! Thank You

  • Hey… Does anyone know what brand of shoes Jeno is wearing? Thats cool. I've been here for a long time. Pls tell me 🥲

  • When I saw jaemin, laying on the floor and shutting his eyes, i knew that he's bearing with pain and proud of him, he made this far success, despite his pain, he still works hard like a normal and healthy people, there's no other hope that someone like him wants except success and being together with his members, okay im gonna cry ;)

  • 04.06 jaemsungg 💗

  • everyone: wanting to have a taste of sm water dreamies: bottle flips chos sksksksksks

  • 3:17 천러 노래 부르기 5:01 런쥔 뒤에 뭔가 했넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6:29 꽉 껴안기 7:04 천러 갓 태어난 펭귄 같앜ㅋㅋㅋ 8:41 해찬♡ 9:04 개설레

  • 🐻→🐹  9:05

  • 2:00

  • 3:06 thank me later😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • 지성이 땀띠 날 거 같아..

  • mereka kerja keras banget astaga, ngga kebayang capenya🥺

  • at minute 6.33, does anyone know the song that haechan sings?

  • 1:47 okay mark will teach them superm choreos and dreamies will teach mark boom and ridin okay 😭

  • omg what's the song chenle sing at 3:18

  • 4:06 9:04

  • does anyone know the song that haechan sings at minute 4:10??

  • nonton lgi krn kgn hyuckren ㅠㅠ

  • 1:05 2:01 11:24 not me being distracted by this guy in red with the dreamies, who is he? He is also with them in the Hello future dance practice

  • 8:57 GUYs1!!!!1!1!!!!!!! NOW IM CONVINCED THAT MY SUSPICION IS TRUWWW HE PROBABLY LATE BCS HE WAS FILMING HIS BDAY CONTENT🥺🥺🥺 (he said he was in a special situation tho🥺🤍)

  • wtf was the demo even saying 😭

  • 4:08 Haechan's vocal~~~😍😍😍😍

  • this video is so comfortable;((🤲🏻🤲🏻

  • Why hot sauce choreo looks so easy when they dances it huhu

  • 머... 런쥔이 저때 사랑니 뽑았나요? 나도 지금 뽑은 상태라... 줜ㄴ 아프다 ㅅ발

  • Am I the only one trying to listen to the demo version 😅 It will be fun if they have English version 😁 Tho I'm not complaining my ghaadd Czennies are so spoiled with lot's of contents

  • 12:05 renjun hair here..he's so pretty..😘..n so cute when in one vlive jisung asked renjunnie to keep a bit longer hair..😂😂

  • who is that boy in red at 2:09 - 2:18?

  • woww NCT

  • am i the only one seeing the resemblance of the dance teacher and woogie? imagine woogie dancing haha

  • 6:35 what song was that originally?

  • 1:46

  • 10:21 Haechan

  • Smelling "skills ✨" 😀

  • stan NCT DREAM.


  • Jeno and Haechen are SO cute together 💋❤️

  • 0:24 just taking a second to admire how beautiful jeno’s eyes are even without makeup

  • 9:04


  • What was the actual name of the song Haechan sang while hugging mark? At 6:32 I remember the melody but not the title..

  • 5:47 jisung and jaemin, I see you.

    • @waad-chan. I can’t deny he’s so lovely 😭

    • @Baraa daod because I keep looking for jaemin all the time 😂

    • Oh god how u noticed it 😂😂😂😂

  • 2:23 was this an english version of the song?

  • YES

  • 4:08 Did someone know what song is it ?

  • looks like Haechan has a grudge with icung until he looks at icung how about that hahaha, oh yeah Mark is really fast in learning choreography, indeed the best leader mark. let's support NCT DREAM under any circumstances because they've worked hard now it's NCTZEN's turn to support NCT dream

  • Haechan love for his members is so strong. he's constantly hyping them up, hugging them, even the wayv members love him so much. he truly must be so sweet behind the scenes

  • Haechan needed an extra amount of love

  • 10:22 just throwing in that cut right there

  • soooo should we talk about how is demo ver of hsauce performed by mark sound so freaking good?

  • 6:20

  • 3:18 chenle humming sunflowerrr omfg can you cover it chenleeeeeeeee

  • Jaimen doesn't show up much 😭😭 Why 😔.

  • 3:12 i just noticed now as i am re-watching this that jeno had his whole back shirt pulled up and his rip back is fckng showing ๏_๏

  • 맛 데모 쩐다 주세요

  • I like how they provide Indonesian subtitles

  • The Hot Sauce demo version is pretty nice :O I wish I can hear the english version of Hot Sauce ^^

  • 6:52 Mis oídos se cautivaron por el canto de un ángel

  • 2:24 I want to see it more and more

  • 7:26 woahhh

  • We want arabic sub

  • Arabic sup pls

  • We need arabic sub too !!

  • Why is noone talking about there being an English version.? Did I miss something.?

    • umm, its the original demo version. (if I recall correctly, demo songs are mostly in english). So, you didn't miss anything. But I wish hot sauce demo was released as english version or something...its so damn good (the parts in this vid)... *chef's kiss*

  • 2:25 😭💚💚

  • Did I just hear english lyrics? Is there an english version of this?

    • @Romsil Gunting welcome😁

    • @Sumedha Chaurasia Oh, I see. I have an idea about demo versions. I just thought at first if there's an english version of it hehe thank you!

    • its the demo version. most demos are in english only, if I recall correctly. Sadly, hasn't been released.

  • jaemin with white never end, and its my favo

  • 1:54 부터 존멋

  • 7:26 not me keep replaying jaemin's dance practice.

  • who is that man wearing red tshirt

    • Its one of their choreographer/dance teacher, he has an instagram he covered hot sauce

  • Renjun ❤👄❤

  • 아 쓰발ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 무릎ㅠㅠㅠ 춤출일 없는 내가 대신 아파주고싶네ㅠ 춤좋아하는 울 애기 건강만해ㅠㅠㅠ

  • english version wheeen

  • 1:46 jopping?

  • Yang baju merah muka disensor sape siii. ??? Spill dong

  • haechan the ball of energy and love

  • bare face mark ganteng bet

  • 6:33 WOI MH WOI

  • Jaemin

  • 6:53 i get a goosebumps when jisung singing so beautiful omg😌

  • 10:21

  • Plisss echan😭😭😆😆

  • 06:31 haechan sekedar nyanyi apa itu plesetan lagu guys. Kalo plesetan lagu kasi tau pls lagu siapa

  • 2:26 Jisung looked like a dancing diva

  • Wait who the hell red guy with blury face?? SM ?!

  • Jaemin km kenapa?

  • Just really curious on the title of this song 4:09 . I hope someone can comment. Thanks.

  • Jantungku ambyar liat donghyuck 😭😭😭😭

  • 3:14 JENO???

  • the bonus Boom and Ridin dances 🤧

  • Haechan:)

  • Haechan, can u cover I miss u by Kim bum Soo, I like to hear it, I beg u 😭😭

  • 9:30 - 10:22 SM WATER IS THAT YOU? 👁👄👁

  • the side eye LOL 6:30

  • Despite having his wisdom teeth removed, Renjun really is always working hard and shining

  • The lame train admittedly slip because freckle cellularly sound amid a inquisitive stepdaughter. boring, erratic plier

  • 6:20 eeeassssy there Jeno Lee

  • Really jisung so very cute 😍😍🔥